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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hsanson, Nov 22, 2000.

  1. hsanson


    Can someone review Rapid Jet Trading ? ?
    They have browser based execution ala DATEK and also has a JAVA Direct access platform that offers lightning fast executions at 5$+1cent/share. Maybe it can be a replacement broker for Tradescape or Interactivebrokers

    browser here to see the Java Platform:

  2. wshi88


    I may use it as a back up for Tradescape. But maybe a good replacement for CyberX.
  3. DJC


    I've been using RJT for about 3 months now and like it very much. Was using DATEK and had some things happen which I didn't like. Used both for awhile and found that for me RJT gave me good executions, and for $5, that isn't bad. Opening an account with Tradescape now to see how I like that.

  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

  5. fleance


    I stumbled upon this broker and was wondering
    if anyone has an account with them?

    There Rapid Jet Plus and Jet Streamer look good for
    cheap, fast direct access excecutions. Their software
    looks cutting edge with WAP and PALM portals.

    I'm just wondering how reliable and fast the executions
    are and how solid is the company.

    Thanks for any comments.
  6. fleance


    I was browsing the company's site some more, and
    noticed they actually have a page documenting
    system outages.

    Their system was down for 3 hours 30 minutes during
    the trading day on 1/25/2001 due to a datbase failure.

    Would be interestingn to see this info for other

    Keynote and Gomez have some performance measurements
    on availability and response time, but Keynote's list
    doesn't cover direct access brokers unfortunately.