Can someone recommend a good platform for scalping equities?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MoneyGod, Feb 3, 2009.

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    with everything out there it's confusing. I'm looking for a platform to scalp equities, not futures. I keep hearing ninja-trader, X-Trader, Button-Trader, Anvil, Lightspeed, Interactive brokers...which one would be good to scalp SPY for example, one where I can do orders thru the keyboard?

  2. Anvil and Lightspeed are far ahead of others...
  3. I see your various posts regarding scalping coming up. Remember one thing for good: execution platform, keyboard mapping, low latency, microstructure squeezes, spoofing etc. are all just individual tools. But the whole is more than the sum of parts. So try not to give any one issue too much importance.
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    I understand what you're saying but i'm still trying to figure out where to even get started -

    BTW thank you very much for the recommendations, I will be looking into those two now
  5. don't wanna copy paste stuff, go through as many posts as possible of user FuturesTrader71. Also congrats on choosing scalping as your primary trading since scalpers are more consistent than other type of traders.
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    do you think his posts be helpful? I'm really interested more in equities than anything else
  7. More than 90% of my volume comes from stocks. Sure I think his posts have more substance than any other poster. I also remember certain thread about thanking seniors where he was regarded as better adviser.
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    you've scalped using laser?
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    I'd go with Lightspeed. They will have everything you are looking for.
  10. Aren't you the guy who just posted


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    I am looking to switch brokers and trading platforms. I am very unhappy with my current set up. Does anyone have thoughts on what the best available options are out there?"

    And then on day before made this review for Litespeed after your 30th post in 2 days:

    "I was referred to this company. I hadn't heard about them before, but am now truly impressed. High recommendation! All around great experience."

    If you work for the company just say so or at least be consistent with your spamming.
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