Can someone recommend a good PDF Editor?

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  1. I use Foxit for my PDF reader, and I have a PDF document that I have to take out a few pages. No editing of the document itself, just taking out a few of the pages, and making a new PDF.

    Is there a good shareware that can do this?

  2. If this is a ONE TIME JOB where you do not need the PDF editor again... You can download the trial edition of Adobe Acrobat Professional and do your changes...

    It is a 30 day trial... I have done this on a number of computers... One bad thing its a huge download and you have to sign up and its a pain...

    or you can go to Kinko's Fed Ex and rent a PC that has Adobe Acrobat on it...

    good luck... :D

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    while there are a lot of shareware apps that do this, you can also do it online. you can either register or not, either way no downloading or installation required. it does have a page limit, so dunno if that becomes an issue for your scenario.

  4. You can check out PDFTK Builder Portable. It's freeware that'll do the job. The link is for a USB version ( and I think they have a desktop version.