Can someone please, for the love of god, explain me why...

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    I have no issue with wealth but I do have a huge issue with plutocracy.
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    Obama's an absolute piece of shit. Any Republican would be a major improvement over any Democrat scum.
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  3. I will explain...this is what happens when people become unemployed for an extended period of time. They have nothing to do, no workplace to go an extended mindless protest seems like a good idea and rally against "the man".

    We will have another few weeks of this until the temperature gets into the 40s. When its freezing outside, then they will not be protesting so much anymore.

    As for "plutocracy", there will always be a plutocracy. Throughout history, the man with the most money wins. I know that sounds evil, but its the truth. You can do what you want to change the laws or even re-make society, but at the end of the day there will be one man holding all the cards and it will be the man with the most money.

    If you dont like it, then go find a pizza franchise with 600 stores nationwide and take it to victory so you can become part of the 1%.
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    I agree but that's not the elitism we have today. The Founders restricted voting rights for the most part to white male land owners. You didn't have to necessarily be wealthy to be a land owner but you almost certainly weren't poor. And very few states allowed voting rights for women or free blacks. Today we have an elite class that is strictly wealth-based. We got rid of some forms of elitism and replaced them with another. But the Preamble to the US Constitution still reads We The People, leaving wide open the possibility of real democracy some day. That's what the OWS is about.
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    Obama Derangement Syndrome in full bloom. My sympathy.
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