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  1. Ok, so I went long with one contract of /ZL on Monday night. Cost me $600 + comm. to get into the trade, blah blah. Things didn't go my way so much, and despite being ahead by a mere $90 when I decided to get out last night, when I sold I only got the $90 back, and not the original $600. Where'd my $600 go??

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    Not enough info. Appears you used max margin to enter the position. Were you short or long, what was entry price and what was exit price?
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    Show us the statement, and we show you the truth.
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    Better yet, I was making the possibly naive assumption that there WAS a position.
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    Sounds like your miss reading it, you don't make +$90 profit, your losing $510 + comms but haven't came to terms with the loss size yet.
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    What do you mean it cost you $600 + commissions to get into the trade? was it an option or are you referring to the margin?
  8. Guys, I’ll get back with more info later tonight after work, thanks.
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    Like everyone else said post your statement on the trade.

    When you post margin on futures you don't "lose" the margin. It's basically (put simply) a performance bond that the broker monitors as a signal to yank you out (realistically, issue a margin call and THEN pull you out).

    If you only got $90 (your alleged profit) and lost $600, you were down $510.
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    Bong hit.
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