Can someone please explain to me the price action of the NQ/ES right before the open

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    I was in a trade last night. My system told me to go short the indexs last night so i did. Woke up this morning, checked the P&L was in the money, great way to start the morning. Shit data comes out on bloomberg not just in the US but all over the world, even better for someone like myself who was holding some contracts short.

    at 9:28 this morning, RIGHT BEFORE THE OPEN, literally both indexs rally with strong velocity back to their previous closes almost. Can someone please explain to me what this price action is all about?

    Was this market makers trying to shake out all of the stops on the shorts or trying to shake out all of the shorts for that matter?

    I thought the saying was Stairs up, Elevator down. Today was Elevator up, stairs down....

    Any insight into this is reall appreciated
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    Trade Management is key.

    Therefore, I hope you locked in some profits when you were "in the money" or you re-enter the Short position when it rolled over again around 0950am est after being pick pocketed.

    By the way, I didn't see anything unusual with the volatility especially with (comparing) the way the price actions have been behaving the first 45 minutes (price action moving upwards) of trading the past few days.

    Yet, if I were to ignore the overall market context of the week and got tunnel vision on today's first 30 minutes only...I would have thought the Emini ES/NQ futures were just attempting a regular session GAP fill and then failed...soon afterwards heading back downwards.
  3. No-one on here can answer it.

    It was fucking annoying tho as i was/am also heavily short the dow.

    The only possible things i can think of is hundreds of billions of Japanese money wanted to get in fast.
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    Without even looking at the PA in question. The first thing that comes to mind is that the markets tend to frustrate most of it's participants most of the time.
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    What difference does it make? As soon as you realize you're on the wrong side, just exit and wait for price to reach resistance, then re-enter the short.

    Plan out your trades; don't just go with what you feel.
  6. I was covering a massive profitable short and needed the liquidity. Sorry.

  7. why don't they buy anything else but US stock markets then?

    2 years ago gold would be +20%. not this time

  8. Because the Dow cannot hold down a loss,
    instead just moves up 60-100points per day, every single day, ending each month up about 1thousand points,
    due to bernanke and QE.

    Bernanke's made USA bond yields worthless, Germany/Swiss/Japan yields nearly negative,
    cant store money in gold as gold constantly crashes in price... ect

    And so all the Russian and Japanese money is stored/hidden in the Dow.

    ANd the reason why it was 50points spike in seconds at open is because price was low of day down 60points which is now extremely rare in dow,
    and so everyone wanted to rush in and buy dow that cheaply before it rose. :cool:
  9. You should email the retards at Nanex and ask them to investigate. They always have a reason for price action no matter how asinine or far fetched that reason might be.
  10. We are in a bull market.

    Anyone who has read Reminiscenses of a Stock Operator knows that is the complete answer.

    One of the most basic rules in a bull market is to buy any down opening.
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