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    German 'cannibal' tells of regret

    Meiwes said Brandes agreed to be eaten.

    A German accused of killing and eating a man he met on a website for cannibals has expressed regret for his actions.
    Armin Meiwes, who is awaiting trial, told a German newspaper he wants to deter other people from copying him.

    Mr Meiwes, from Rotenburg, says his victim was a willing participant who ate part of his own body before Mr Meiwes stabbed him to death and stored his remains in a freezer.

    The 41-year-old computer expert is expected to go on trial on 3 December.

    Advertised on internet

    The grisly details of the case caused a sensation in the German media when Mr Meiwes was arrested in December, 2002.

    Meiwes stored Brandes' remains at his house
    Mr Meiwes, a computer expert, met 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes in early 2001, after Mr Meiwes advertised on websites for "young, well-built men aged 18 to 30 to slaughter", the German daily newspaper Bild reported at the time of his arrest.

    Mr Meiwes told investigators he took Mr Brandes back to his home, where Mr Brandes agreed to have his penis cut off, which Mr Meiwes then flambeed and served up to eat together.

    Mr Meiwes says he then killed Mr Brandes with his consent - recording the two-hour event on video.

    Life story

    "I admit what I've done," Mr Meiwes told Welt am Sonntag newspaper. "I accept that I am guilty and I regret my actions."

    Mr Meiwes said he wants to write his life story with the aim of deterring anyone who wanted to copy him.

    Disturbingly, a number of websites dedicated to Mr Meiwes have appeared, with people advertising for willing victims.

    "They should go for treatment, so it doesn't escalate like it did with me," said Mr Meiwes.

    He said he believed there were about 800 "cannibals" in Germany.

    Prosecutors are seeking a conviction of murder for "sexual satisfaction", as cannibalism is not technically illegal under German law.
  2. he eats people.
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    Well, you know how Germans love sausage. Ask Walter.
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    OK, that I understand. But what kind of a person advertises or goes out looking for someone to eat them? And not just eat them but to be brutalized in the way that they were. I mean having your genitals chopped off and then eating them with the guy that chopped them off then getting stabbed to death. Why not just overdose on some pills and then let that guy do whatever he wants. Why subject yourself to torture. And this was a young guy too.

    I guess the Europeans are just different then us. Makes me very proud to be an American. LOL. At least we haven't sunk that low yet.

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    I wonder what google adds at the top of this page this thread will generate?

    nitro :eek:
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    I seem to recall US citizen Jeffrey Dahmer eating a lot more people than this German chap - and he didn't have the manners to ask first :D
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    ROFL....oh my, my sides hurt from laughing.:D :D
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