Can someone make sense of this Israel-NPT thing?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by directionless, May 31, 2010.

  1. zdreg


    this is typical of what you can expect from the Obama?
    are u familiar with current relations between the 2 countries?
  2. methinks some liberal dirt is about to get dug up.
  3. Is your first loyalty to Israel, with the USA a far second if any? President Obama's loyalty is to the US. The President is elected and is doing a good job. He deserve support. If you are a zionist, why you do not disclose before you comment so that readers know a bit more?
  4. pspr


    Obama is pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam and anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. His views with regards to these peoples is well documented in his past actions and relationships.
  5. Are you a zionist? Is your loyalty to the USA or to Israel which spies on the USA?
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    Obama wasn't even born in the US, he was born in Kenya. What kind of President can't even supply his damn birth certificate?

    Obama won't be around much longer, so this isn't too important anyway.
  7. pspr


    No. How about you? Are you a terrorist or Islamic zelot?

    The U.S. has a great interest in supporting Isreal - the only Democracy in the Middle East other than the government we created in Iraq. It is also about the only country in the world that appreciates the U.S.

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    Don't give me anti jew or anti any kind of bull


    Israel doesn't want to sign nuclear non proliferation treaty. And Iran has already signed it with all the other countries in Middle East.

    Israel is the only one not willing to sign it.

    I don't giva a hoot about Palestinians. I care about 3 billion a year given every year to Israel as a gift from United States.

    They reward USA by destroying USS Liberty ship. By doing their part in 9/11 attacks.

    I found out recently that Zionist Jews consider Christians to be dogs just like muslims.

  9. Well why aren't you whining and crying about the same amont of foreign aid being given to Jordan and Egypt there Mr. First Post??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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