can someone help me with my software

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  1. I currently use ensign software. I like it, but I always seem to have a problem with getting all the data. I mostly trade futures. What do you think is the best software for this? I'm not too concerned with price, I just want the best
  2. Why do you think the problem is Ensign? Which datafeed are you using? I use eSignal and don't have problems with Ensign and the eSignal feed.
  3. I use IB, I always have charts that don't go back enough. Ya know guess it really isn't the software. Honestly I think that it is great, but I see NeoTicker 99 bucks and it has a 100% rating. Is that worth it?

  4. I didn't know that eSignal was a broker. Or do you just buy the data feed?
    Is IB suppose to not hav ea good data feed?
  5. IB has data issues from time to time. No offense, but you get what you pay for, free data. That's why I left IB, flakey data. Now before Jim Rockford and all IB lovers flame me, it's a good value, but doesn't compare to DTN IQ or Esignal data, plain and simple.
  6. I went onto the brokers column and didn't see that eSignal was an option, so you have to have a company be your broker, a company that supplies a data feed, and a company that supplies you w/ software
  7. That would be correct to all the above. No offense, but do you really trade futures? This is the most basic of info friend. Here's a tip for you sincerly...........You can trade through TransAct Futures through one of their IB's, I use proactive futures ( google them ), TransAct is a futures broker only that provides really time good quality futures data for free, with a live account, and then put into Sierra Charts for $24 a month and then you just accomplished it with 2 and a good value to boot. Good luck.

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    You will know if a company is your broker because you will have to give them money. Most brokers also provide a basic datafeed but it depends on the broker.
    There are also companies that specialize in Datafeeds only. esignal is one of them. NeoTicker is a software platform that will integrate with your broker and your datafeed but does not provide them to you. So you might end up needing all 3.

    It just depends on your needs.
    You need a broker.
    You may or may not need precise tick data or historical data.
    You may or may not need an additional advanced charting and order management software.

    I would advice you to NOT TRADE at this point but try and do some more research. But it's up to you.
  9. Bluegar,

    there's a difference between a datafeed like eSignal and a broker feed. Broker feeds don't provide backfill. If you want back data, you should subscribe to eSignal or another feed.

    You can use Ensign with IB without a data feed (many do) as Ensign provides backfill using free historical data to supplement the ticks from the IB quotes, but this is not going to be as robust a solution as subscribing to a proper datafeed.

    In short, you need:

    Broker application (quotes and order entry)

    R/T data feed (e.g. eSignal)

    Charting application (eSignal or 3rd party app like Ensign)