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  1. jdkgroup


    I’ve been very reluctant to post this thread due to probable flaming, but if you don’t ask you can’t receive….

    I would like to find a mentor who would be willing to help me learn how to trade using my trading rig.

    As I’ve already seen by reading other threads of this nature, most people’s initial reactions are along the lines of :
    1. Yeah right, I wouldn’t give up my secrets
    2. Yeah right, I wouldn’t give up my time
    3. Go buy a book, or watch some trading videos
    4. Keep reading this forum, or
    5. Take a hike asshole & go get a job

    But I am not a piker, I am not a capricious teenager, I am not trying to earn 500% annually, and I am not a jerk. I am serious and determined to learn good trading technique. And I think many would agree that learning from or modeling another successful trader is the fastest & arguably the best way to learn.

    In my early 20’s (I’m 34 now) I worked part time at a couple of local stock brokerages & traded some options. I quickly learned that if you wanted to learn something at these shops, you had to do it on your own. The guys there had neither the knowledge nor the inclination to do anything but churn accounts. I became a little disenchanted & opted for a career change. So for the last 10 years I have been a real estate investor. In the Fort Lauderdale & Miami areas, I would buy distressed properties, fix and re-sell them. I started doing 1 property at a time & built the business so at my peak (2005), I was flipping 60-70 properties a year. Since the market has shifted, now I work mostly in Orlando & Tampa, and I sell most of the properties wholesale to other investors, which provides me the free time to into trading. While I was building this business, I had the exact same experience when I asked other investors for guidance. I couldn’t get a straight answer or any kind of help, especially not when related to strategy or marketing. I thought the reason was that most people thought there wasn’t enough (deals/money/business) to go around. Now I think it I know the real reason…Let’s say you’re a great “Level 10” trader, and you’re getting bombarded by absolute “Level 1” newbies on a daily basis, all spewing the same thing “I wanna be a trader too” Well, you’ll be jaded on the first day. I know I was. If I had a nickel for everyone that told me they were real estate investors or wanted to be, I’d be Bill Gates. It’s crazy how many people come out of the woodwork when they see an easy buck. I would have all these people that wanted me to help them, yet most were never really going to do anything and the rest wouldn’t listen to me or take my advice even when I would try to help. However, I do have some people who are actually competitors of mine and yet we freely trade ideas & help each other…
    My point is I think that there are people who would like to help & mentor others, ,but whether they will comes down to a couple of things:
    1. If the mentor believes the student is serious, ready, and willing.
    2. If the student and the mentor share respect for each other
    3. If the student can bring something to the relationship
    4. If the mentor believes that the student has the capacity to be & do well

    What I would like:
    I would like to meet up with a successful trader who would be willing to show me the ropes: let me watch them trade, and show me how to formulate & implement a winning trading plan.
    I am a fast learner. I am only looking for a couple of days worth of me find a game & then let me run with the ball.
    My goals are to eventually learn how to develop & exploit edges using different methods & various time frames (scalp, day, swing). I have between 3-5 full days a week to trade, and I would like to earn 2% give or take per month on a six figure account.

    What’s in it for you:
    It feels great to help someone else.
    You get to make a new friend
    I could share my real estate investing expertise (with tax returns to prove my success)
    Some sort of payment?

    I open to ideas….
  2. OKguy


    Everything you wrote is fine, I do believe you are sincere.

    I can not speak for others, but I can tell you this, the reason I would not be willing to help (even though I don't have many "good" friends) is that I paid a price in terms of psychological pain and suffering in order to make at least 1 k per day.

    I paid a heavy price, I don't even care for lost initial money.

    But like I said, I only speak for myself.
  3. Icarus5


    The thing is, everybody paid a price for their knowledge.

    However, there ARE people who will help you along, it's best if it is done by PM, and some type of renumeration will most likely be expected.

    Sincere good luck to you.

  4. All good deeds never go unpunished.

    I joined a daytraders meet up group and found that none of them knew anything about daytrading. Furthermore, they all were either con men or just plain pricks. Now who in the hell would want to help people like that. :D
  5. being new myself Ive found some useful knowledge on this board --- of course you have to examine it with a critical eye to sepearate the wheat from the other stuff
  6. Surdo


    I lose money on a fairly consistant basis.
    If you wanna pay my expenses for a few days, I will show you what NOT to do, and how to set up your screens.

    You really need an area rug BTW!

    el surdo
  7. i give him credit,at least he is willing to learn. anyone who flames him is an idiot.
    i am an inquisitive guy as well and have a thirst for knowledge.
    you can pm me any time.
  8. Nice setup bro.

    You have the exact same chair as me and same monitors too!

    There are a million ways to trade. Anything interest you in particular?
  9. Surdo


    He also has realistic goals, $100 bucks a day!
  10. lindq


    Nothing's changed. You still need to learn it on your own.

    You may think that you can shortcut the process by sitting at someone's side. But you can't, for many reasons. Not the least of which that trading is a very highly individualistic enterprise, and of 100 successful traders, there will be 100 different approaches to profitablity.

    As a point of fact, if you are an intelligent person with capital and some time on your hands, you may well be doing yourself a disservice by taking another trader's advice, or following in their path.
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