Can someone help me here please...I need some guidance

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  1. 2low4snow


    I am about to join a firm and have been presented with two opportunities.

    The first is with JC which requires 5k deposit which is locked for a term of 1 year and they charge $3.00/1000 trading on Sterling and have a 100% payout and gives you an initial BP of 200k

    The Second only requires a 2k deposit(minimum) and starts you out with 100k in buying power which can be increased, no hold on your deposit and charges you $.20/1000 but only pay's out 65% on amounts less than 10k and 70% on amounts more than 10k.

    Mathematically, the 1st makes sense but has your 5k tied up for a year. I am not a senior trader but definitely not a beginner...

    Does anyone have any wise wisdom for me to follow?

  2. sida


    odds are incredibly against you, yet we try
    we try
  3. ScottSam


    Lower comm's might keep you in the game longer. It depends on your current profitability.
  4. l2tradr


    Since you're putting up money for both, take the 100% payout. Unless you're scalping and the commish makes a big difference in your P/L
  5. The 1st offer make,s a lot of sense
    they are charging you $3 per 1000 shares that is very nice.
    do they need you to be licensed - ?
    Like series 7 or just get fingerprinted. - ?
    I understand a lot of prop firm have to lock up the capital for 1 year.
    do you have a software fees - ?
  6. 2low4snow


    No series 7 is required but fingerprint card is, which is a non-issue as I'm not an Axe-Murderer.

    Software fee's for Sterling are $250/month or lightspeed is free with an additional .0005 per share.
  7. ArturZ


    Hi, anybody knows how prop firms can give a leverage 1 to 20 or more? I don't think that they have so big deposit on their broker's account.
  8. PPT


    I have heard some horror stories of traders trying to get their money back.

    just do your homework first, go with your gut, and maybe be wary of the 'hard sell'.

    good luck
  9. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.
  10. lama


    I have a present deal where they require 10k deposit held for one year and charge 0025/sh with rebates if i do more then some a certain amount of volume? Anyone's thoughts if this is a good deal or not?
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