Can someone give some real statement?

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  1. I am using the demo FXAuto platform for 2 days and the result was very good! Can the real account also be so nice? If someone using this for your real account, can you give some picture of your history statement?
  2. No one is using real account now?This 2 days in my Demo account,most signals are mad!They are pending in red for 2 days and make a drawdown -$2500 that the profits this platform earned in 2 weeks! I am very curious about why all these signals went negative at the same time? Such as ubertrading,TFS,currency-specialist,Clayburg,Enterprise etc.
  3. Today the lost increase to about -$3000. And the signals were seemed very unbelievable! Especially Enterprice and Clayburg, their entries were not at the market's beginning but at the end. When close to all markets' end then they entered, just waste all the high trends between the markets' openning. We still can not know how these signals provide open and close orders. But as the result they are very instability and incomprehensibility.

    But if there are much better signal providers, this system will be very good. Because we can close our PC and do other things. If we use EAs, we should let our PCs be running all the time! And maybe sometimes because of the NET lag, the EAs won't function well. The good point of EAs is we know how our EAs work, we can change the code as we want. But the signals, only the providers and god know how they are working.:p
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    Hi Suncarrot,
    You are very higly leveraged with a $3,000 demo. With $180k open and potential to be higher, you would expect to see adverse account movement.(Your account will drawdown -$1800 for -100pips against your favour!)
    Your open positions should be in your favour now after the latest movement in the markets.

    You should reduce leverage/increase balance to smooth your equity curve.
    Systems require time to have market edge, not every system will make money every day , you need to look at the long term picture and target realistic gains within a reasonable timeframe. This is imperative to successful Forex Trading.
  5. Thank you very much for your reply! I just want to test all the signals which I thought are good and to see what will happen if I use the minimum start amount you allowed. If I open a live account, I absolutely will not pick so many signal providers and risk my account to high leverage. But I want to feel how these signals work and it needs time.

    I just feel a little strange why so many signals make a drawdown at the same period. You can see from the picture I provided at Attachment. My equity curve is smooth before 7th Feb. 2007. The high drawdown happened before Sep. 2006 was caused by Cyayburg,only one provider! And because of the whole 20 providers I selected, the curve become smooth during the rest months. Even had a big drawdown, it is about -$1000. Now everyone can see what happened after 7th Feb. 2007, the curve shows a very very sharp and long drawdown line! This situation was not happened before.

    If someone looked carefully my pictures I provided before, you know the biggest reason caused this max drawdown was currency-specialist and ubertrading, then Clayburg and Enterprice. And ubertrading is the biggest problem! It shows a very good history after Sep. 2006. And when I use it at the first week, its winning rate was very very high! But it made a max drawdown at the same time with currency-specialist, Clayburg and Enterprice. But that's still not the point, the point is almost all of them made drawdown at the same 2 days, even the currency pairs are different! That makes me strange!

    Why I pick so many providers to test? Because I think when one signal make a mistake then some of the others can do well to recover the lost. And the equity curve makes me believe that this idea can work. But the reality tells me I'm wrong. They can cover each other but also can go wrong together!I still think if I know how they work, maybe I can avoid this thing happen. But the admin told me this is impossible and the only way to avoid this happen is investing enough money or reducing the leverage. And if I open a live account(yes, I will,but not now), I would told myself one more thing, that is don't select these 4 signal providers together at the same time! Because I have not so much money to invest at start.:p

    But I still have a important question. Can I fix each signal provider's SL in Portfolio Builder Money management in Live account? I don't know is Fixed Fractional working for that? I don't want it to allocated the amount of Lots for signal provider. I just want to fix the SL of each signal provider I selected! I mean I don't have to change the SL each time when these signals open trades. I want fixing the SL at the first time that I pick the provider to my Portfolio setting. As you see, in your PDF guide it tells me that the Currency Specialist's SL always set at 30pips. But my history shows me that he lost 180pips just in one 0.1Lot trade. And also in many other trades he lost more than 30pips! What's the use of his SL setting? Can I set the default SL as my favour? Please help. Thank you very much!