can someone give me the holy grail

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  1. vk60546


    one of the posters here posted that they gave their family member a holy grail and they still failed.

    Now, after reading that thread, I've found that some of the rules were:

    1. Don't trade stocks that have an avg. daily volume of 1million
    2. Price must be over $10

    but I'm not sure about the other rules.

    Also, I'm looking for interday trading strategy, since I can't be trading during the market hours.

    Thanks to all. Sorry for such immodest request.
  2. The Holy Grail is simple - Buy Low and Sell High or Sell High and Buy Back Low - it's that simple - now go forth and multiply your money.
  3. you'll find it here

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  4. jokepie


    1. Establist criteria to indentify Trend (Bull/Bear).

    2. Buy "Good/ Strong" stocks in Bull market and Sell "Bad/ Weak" stocks in the Bear market. ----- Do not look for Bargain's i.e Laggers (usually laggers lag coz they deserve to. ex. "C")

    3. Live today die tomorrow. do not bet your house on one stock and set your loss limits. usually 1% of your total a/c on one trade works.

    4. Lastly, this is not "hobby" sp do not downplay the "need" to work hard. If you are here to make money you will have to work hard for it, or rather EARN it.

    trading is as simple as YOU MAKE IT.

    Cheers and Good Luck.
  5. siki13


    OMG that is it,finally the rules i have been missing for all this years.
    I have the other 8 and now with the complete set i`m finally ready.
  6. jokepie


    Do you remember being in the position where the "new kid" is ?
    You should try to help the guy - thats what he is looking for !!
    NOT your jokes.
  7. If it shows you a profit hold it till it hurts.

    If it shows you a loss dump it as fast as you can.
  8. Everyone has to pay their dues first! I did not spend 20 years figuring this out so that I can hand the "Holy Grail" on a silver platter to someone who might even not being able to appreciate or understand it! The faster the OP understands that there is no freebies in trading the better! Do not try to help by giving your "wisdom". The only advise I can give is to work hard, sweat and figure it out for yourself! There is no "quick guide" on how to become successful in any profession! No short cuts. Everyone has to eat shit for a while before finally spitting out a golden nugget!

  9. jokepie


    Do you secretly wish you didn't had to pay those due and some one would have guided you through with minimum PAIN.
    I admire your honesty, but come on ! even if you tell himm all we know he will have to work hard to spit "golden nuggets". lol !!
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