Can someone explain what this really means?

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  1. The statement....

    "We all get what we want out of the market"

    I've heard this statement around here and in some other readings but don't really understand what that means.
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    It comes from Ed Seykota's interview in the Market Wizards book. Read that chapter and you will understand it better. Essentially, he was saying people sometimes sabotage their own success for various reasons.
  3. It's his excuse for WHY people that paid him 25k for his seminars are still losing money!

    HOGWASH statement imo
  4. did u say 25k or 2.5k
  5. That's right $25,000 USD but hey it's in the Virgin Islands so you also get a nice vacation. :p
  6. "We all get what we want out of the market"

    This is plainly BS, even if it's printed black on white in a crowd pleasing "Market Wizards" bookie. No further psycho hype required.
    It should read:

    "We all get what we deserve out of the market"

  7. "We all get what we deserve out of the market"

    nononsense [/B][/QUOTE]

    That certainly makes a lot of sense.
  8. This time you hit the nail.:D :D :D
  9. it's not BS, i think it's right on. i've always felt that if people don't get what they want, it's probably because they didn't want it badly enough. likewise as i think seykota intends, perhaps they didn't realize their true subconscious desires at all, and trading success really wasn't what they were in it for to begin with... maybe something else like being able to impress friends, experience pain, drama, etc

    i can easily see the subtlety of seykota's idea being lost on a lot of ppl around here. it's a good quote
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    i prefer: "you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."

    that is nowhere more true than the markets imho (you can only talk to it in trades after all)

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