can someone explain to me...

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  1. Why on a day that dollars became cheaper, and speculations that the ECB would lower rates , why German bonds went negative ? I am having trouble with this concept. By negative I mean negative yields
  2. really? you wonder why the backbone of the EU sold?
  3. Youd think their would be a move away from bonds to equities like in the US. treasuries fell and equities rose.
  4. Some interpret the news as bad for Germany because it will "pay the bill" of this solution. Some interpret those events as good for Germany since it means EU won't go down the drains so easily in their eyes. I guess somebody has to win.
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    Chay Kay;
    Well its part of a pattern that=short term trends are frequently NOT related to news........................................

    Same reason why a market maker said ''you probably will get the news before i do. '' I would have to say amen to that;
    i mean this in a helpful sense, plenty of people have more important numbers to watch, rather than the news.

    But speakin of the bottom line, as a trader said who shorted Citigroup years ago[he maybe still short,LOL];
    ''fundamentals win in the end:D''