Can someone explain to me the purpose of a dividend?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nofear777, Nov 26, 2008.

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  2. Btw... I appreciate all your replies.

    I just want to know about dividends with a stupid argument I am having with my bro. If you are a good trader, you have to admit you can never know enough about trading.




    or fail..
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  3. So wait.. Someone makes a bad call and he is a bad guy in these forums??


    Now for some reality .

    You are responsible for your own fucking trades.

    If you listened to some other fagget than you and ONLY you are responsible for your losses (or gains).

    Stop looking for fuckin handouts and make your own cash..

    I have never once depended on any bullshit I read off this board to make money in the market (thoe I read it and I do admit there are some very smart people here).

    That said, when I made MY call it was wrong. The money YOU lost however is YOUR fault. So fuck you. And fuck you triple for listening to the other calls by stock_trader. And if you didnt listen, well what the fuck are you complaining about?

    The truth is calls are impossible to give success to other people unless the original poster has the time or the patience to tell you exit points on losers...

    But even if he does have that time, you still pay the spread... And that spread over time will make 99% of the calls completely worthless.

    I tried it once. And that will be my last call ever. Still embarasses me to this day I made it.

    If you want REAL help trading, well then ask me. It aint calls.
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  4. Btw , after reading through these reponses its clear that 80% (aprox) of you have no real idea of what you are talking about ,and a few of you actualy are knowledgable people who made knowledgable responses I would like to buy a beer.
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  5. timbo


    You need to go to You're obviously the sucker here.
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  6. I gotchya... Whaaa????

    How am I the sucker here???

    Defenition of a sucker (as far as I know) is defined by the results of his or her balance sheets, or am I wrong? Is there a new deffenition of a sucker ?
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    It's an addition problem -- albeit funding.
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  8. Seriously , what am I not understanding here.

    Funding? What are you implying? Instead of pussing around the answer why not be legible?
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    dont think of a dividend as having anything to do with the trading value or upswings/downswings of the market.

    Pretend you and a friend were the sole owners of a company, now lets say after paying yourselves a fair wage you guys had a surplus of 5000 dollars. Now you could pay out a dividend with this extra cash, or you could reinvest in a new piece of equipment or whatever. Its the same thing at a larger scale. The company had a bit of extra money and didn't see anyway to reinvest it. They decided since you infact are the owner (along with thousands of other people and hedge funds etc.) that its in your best interest as an owner to get paid out that extra money.

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    So many handles on this board with triple 7's in their name!

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