Can someone explain the ZN quote?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bidask, May 19, 2008.

  1. bidask



    What does this quote mean?
  2. Surdo


    115 31/64ths
  3. Can you tell us how the calculation is derived?

    Or point us in the direction of a website that can?

    I have charts that display the prices using both methods, so I'm very curious about how it works.

  4. Surdo


    115 15.5/32 is the actual quote!

    ZB and ZN trade in 1/2 32'nd ticks.

    You can't do that in your head JJ?

  5. ammo


    bonds trade in 32's of $1000, so 1/32 is $31.25,they are now quoting 1/2 32nds or $15.625
  6. some software platform could display the quotes in decimals, too but the native format is as said above.
  7. I can figure-out a lot of things the hard way.

    But by sharing information here on the board with others, I would hope that all would benefit.
  8. bidask


    this means the minimum fluctuation is 1/64 correct? why do a bunch of websites say that it's 1/32? when did the switch happen?
  9. bidask


    is the minimum fluctuation of zb also 1/64?
  10. Surdo


    ZB and ZN both tick in 64's....Bondo switched over in Late Feb/early March .
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