Can someone explain how this is possible on the tape?

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  1. Amatrue


    I understand that for every transaction there is a buyer and seller, but how is it possible that the price went up when someone is selling down?
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  2. Because that data feed provider is not showing all the trades.

    I work with people who pay millions for data feeds, do you guys really think your broker that is giving you basically free data for a few $ is even remotely in the same league?

    Every time I see somebody selling a course to teach order flow trading for $199 I have to laugh very hard and loud for at least a couple of seconds.
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    So what proportion of trades is my provider not showing and does this affect what I see on my DOM as well?
  4. I bet Ray Dalio paid millions for data feeds. And look at him this year.
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  5. rb7


    'Selling down'????

    The trades highlighted were done on the offer side, meaning up-tick. That's why they are showing green.
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  6. qlai


    I think you can simply ignore the B/S indicators and just look at price. These are not straight forward for Futures.

    "An aggressor is defined as any customer order that triggers a trade immediately upon entering the book.

    Tag 5797-AggressorSide indicates if the trade had an aggressor and, if so, which side of the book it was on. When an Aggressor Side is defined (1 = Buy, 2 = Sell), the first Order Detail level related to the Summary Level represents that aggressor order."
  7. Amatrue


    the green is selling hence the "S" next to the price and red is buying shown by "B".
  8. garachen


    I’m not sure you understand enough to understand the answer.

    at :02 the market was bid 50 and offer 75. Then the bid moved up to 75 and the offer was 00. Then the incoming sell order at :07 hit the new bid at 75.

    Bids and offers often move without trades. Many things can cause price movements independent of trades.
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  9. Good to see you back.
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    No need to spend a lot for futures data feed. CME is central exchange. Just get ninjatrader with kinetick data feed and you will see every tick. For examples, how about seeing about 500 oil trades within span of 1 second pushing the price 25 ticks. Every trade was captured.
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