Can someone explain black boxes to me?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nugget, Nov 19, 2006.

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    A couple of guys I know are making money consistently with this program. They asked if I wanted to try it. I said yea, but what exactly does it do?
  2. I'd explain it to you, but my mind is a black box right now.
  3. ssblack


    LOL, a black box is simply a term for a completely automated no human intervention trading system/program.
  4. romik


    So your guys made a recommendation without explaining, nice guys.
  5. JackR


    I think a better definition of a black box program is one in which you have no idea of how the trade signals are arrived at. Compare this to a gray box where you are given some idea of how the box arrives at its signals, e.g., a moving average crossover setup control, triggered by a rate of change that exceeds some figure. The actual moving average types, periods, rate of change velocity, are not revealed. Then there are the fully disclosed systems that provide the complete details of their operation.

    Whether or not they are auto-traded or not is another subject as you can have end-of-day and intra-day systems of all three types.

  6. JackR is correct.
  7. Yep, what HE said lol
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    ... but it's not black box if you're the developer. :D

    just kidding, good clarification.
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    Best black box is actually filled with grey matter........ :D

    Every single day in any mkt, thousands of traders input hundreds of ideas, tactics etc. That itself is why the game continues today.

    KiSS and just take your slices of bacon daily.

    I think the best thing that ever happened to trading in the last couple of decades was computers. Many computer whiz kids and math types assumed the answer was just a few more keystrokes and a algorithm or two away from finding the magic oyster.

    keep trying whiz kids, keep trying..........:D
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    Thanks for the help guys. It is what I thought it was.I will try it out. TY
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