Can someone EasyLanguage program this?

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  1. I have absolutely no clue how EL works, but I'm trying to automate this strategy, can anyone do the code?? ---

    Need to quantify the average range of all candesticks in last 144 periods.

    144 period ema crossover, say to the upside in this example. Need the coding for 2 consecutive green candlesticks where at least 75% of the first (the one crossing over) candlestick's range is above the ema (could be up to 100% of the candlestick) and its range is at least 30% above the average range quantified. It must close at its high. The next candlestick must not retrace more than 25% of the previous one and it must close same or higher and also at its own high.

    This is just a pure momentum play, I'd be entering a buystop at a new high at the beginning of the next period. Anyone know how to do this???? Thanks in advance.

    Just disregard that post, that setup is so infrequent its not worth doing. And its lack of frequency is not even close to being made up for by its performance.
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    what market are you trying to trade?

    your rules sound very much 'curve fitting' to me, which should not improve performance against a straight MA cross over system.

    Also, if you trade the SP with this, you will get killed, if you do with JPY however, may make you a couple of bucks.

  4. yeah it's garbage. I was just doing it to get help with EL, I figured if someone could code something for me, I could use that for reference. I can't stand not knowing how to use this, and I'm not paying $400 to go to TS class.
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    I've totally taught myself EL, no classes at all, bought a few books. It takes some time but currently I can code up anything I can think of, and do, every evening. It is cool. Takes lots of practice. Code early and code often.

  7. What books? I taught myself HTML so I'd be willing to do this. Please let me know, thanks.
  8. Yeah me too.

    I had a job once where we were programming in EL but we had to teach ourselves almost everything.

    The guide they (TS) gives you doesn't cover much.

  9. What job with what company?
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