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    hi, traders i will appraciate if you give me( newcomer) advice,

    i have trade expereince stocks and e-minies for about 3 years, but i was long term type of trader, holding for a week are one month, i have delepod new trading starategy which is based on day-trading stocks, but my money is below 20K, thus i can not day trade, i am also foreign citizen ( live currently in kazakistan), i dont have sereis 7, willing to put at beginning 5-8k to start with, volume probebly will be very low,
    1. do you think any prop firms will allow me to have account with them ,
    2. i can be located in us, on my own- visa, or i can trade a from my home, outside U.S.
    3. i am looking for margin about 1:10, i think it is enough for me.

    3. can you give me the list of the prop firm which willling to work with me ?

    thank you in advance to your advices
  2. bahodirz


    how come that nobody want to advice me on this question?
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    good luck borat!
  4. mnx


    try genesis.



    I've recently started checking out Genesis trading out of New York. You can trade remotely and from their office. I'm not sure what the minimum is for non series 7 traders, but they do offer 10 to 1 (no 7). You might want to take a look at it and give them a call. i think the website is some others to check out are Holdbrothers, HLV, sungaurd.