Can somebody shut up ALAN GREENSPAN?

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  1. This ex Fed caricature is always mouthing off bad things. Recession, inflation and few choice words to keep us on slippery slope. He's even mouthing off bailing out homeowners with mortgages paid by Government! Now that is such a novel idea I would go ahead with it. All you got to do stop paying your mortgage and cry foul and every trickster in the country will get the drift. Our Government would be paying our mortgages and thats fine with me.

    Alan Greenspan is selling his book hooked on money and he is a big pain in the ass. God forbid if this jew ever retires and catches some sun.
  2. WWARS?*

    *What Would Ayn Rand Say
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    I wish that old geezer would just kick the bucket.
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    Agree, He should just shut his stupid senile face and start preparing his legal defence. He caused this and now he is tsk tsk ing everything .

    There should be a policy of Fed Chairman staying silent after their term ends. Also the fact that he charges $100,000 for a dinner speaking engagement suggest taxes at the upper bracket are way too low.
  5. He was interviewed by stephanopolous today and when asked, he said it would be a bad idea to raise taxes on the richest 1% of the population. He didn't say why and stephanscatapolous didn't ask him why. Talk about 2 shit birds.......................... God damn it pissed me off.
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    Wouldn't it be a better idea if the Gummint stopped overspending rather than raising taxes? The seed of most of our economic troubles is deficit spending.
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    He is retired, it is not for him to comment on anymore, when is he going to get that?
  8. He is constantly destabilizing financial markets with his loud mouth. He never used to do that when he was the Chairman. He knows his remarks get people edgy and up a can and the markets swoon to the downside.
  9. Should be out there loose cannon, destabilizing financial markets?
    Bunk him in a Florida retiree condo and lock the door.
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