can somebody please take a look and comment ?

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  1. Yes.

    There are plenty of people who sell their iron condor trading advice.

    1) Do not trade iron condors until you understand what you are doing

    2) I trade iron condors all the time and believe this strategy is suitable for many investors.

    3) They want you to place stop loss orders - and you must determine your own prices for that.

    4) These people are absurd to the extreme. they will let you pay them to tell you what orders to open - and then leave you to flounder. How can you know where to place stop loss orders (a very bad idea, IMHO, for this strategy if you do not fully understand the strategy?

    5) If you fully understand the strategy, why would you want to pay them to guess where the market is headed next?

    6) They can call it scientific, but if they know where the market is going, they wouldn't spend time selling their nonsense to investors.

    7) Save your money.

    8) You can learn about iron condor for yourself. My blog is just one starting point:

    The Rookies Guide to Options
  2. spindr0


    "The Scientific Options Trader (SOT) is being designed for investors, who has limited time or desire to be active with trading."

    Now isn't that a fine little recipe for a disaster. If you have limited time or desire to be active with trading, you have no business being in the market.

    "One of the most powerfull features of the Scientific Options Trader is the ability of Forward Testing. This gives a striking view on the performance and profitabilty of the system."

    ROFL. Calling back testing "Forward Testing" reminds me of the "Clear Skies Act" which reduces air pollution controls.

    Save your money. Do a web search on Iron Condors and you'll get a load of edumacative info. And there are some free subscription trials which will learn ya even more.
  3. The sad part is these guys might easily have 10 000 subscribers by August....