Can shorts dodge all reg's & sell non-stop?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Option Trader, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Although not always practical, but can shorts hypothetically keep selling shares non-stop & destroy the stock price of about any company?
  2. Thanks Landis. That's a great thread!
  3. just think about what you are saying. you act like if you just lay down on the sell key then you will just start printing money.
  4. Admit it's crazy, but that's what it seems to me happens sometimes, and that is my conclusion from the thread Landis posted.
  5. yeah that thread is very retail so it's not very insightful. i just glanced at a few posts and nitro and maverick knows what they are talking about...buylosellhigh eh not so much.

    and how has it happened to you sometimes? was it when you were hitting the bid all day getting into a million share position?
  6. Well Maverick was also quite outspoken; what are your views?

    No million shares, rather based on experiences with stocks with low floats, yet the shorts seem to still manage quite well.
  7. you do know shorts get run over a lot before they catch any sort of top in those stocks. also those low float stocks get manipulated to the upside more often because it is so hard to get shares short.