Can Sex Solve Our Economic Woes?

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    Bonus Watch ’11: Paul Volcker’s Rule Can’t Touch This Cash Cow Unless He Pays
    By Bess Levin

    Maybe you think you’ll be one of the 100,000 financial services employees projected to be laid off this year. Maybe you’re bracing for a bonus that will need to be supplemented with outside revenue streams. Maybe everything’s going great for you career-wise, you’re at the top of your game but you’ve decided a traditional get to work in the morning, leave at night, keep your pants on the whole time type job is no longer for you. Married couple Tyler and Berkley got that. And while they couldn’t have initially predicted that “turning their bedroom into a new kind of home office” would turn out to be the dream gig they never knew they wanted, that’s exactly what happened.

    Tyler, 24, and Berkley, 21, who did not want their last name revealed, said they can usually make about $1,000 a week from doing five nights of amateur porn via webcam around midnight…”We did it once together, that first night,” Tyler said. “Within 30 minutes we had made, like, $300. And I was like, I’m done with the normal 40-hour week. I’m done.”

    If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, take 5 to attend an information session with T ‘n B, who say that the one downside to the job is that “Having sex off and on for two, three hours gets kind of hard…It’s, like, rough, so it wears on you a lot.”
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    Tsing Tao

    If it works for them, well done! The problem is that half the country is nothing more than some bloated, greasy codfish that no one will want to pay to see doing anything except killing themselves. And that can only be done once.
  3. A young couple with a kid should qualify for food stamps, heating assistance, child care assitance and a hefty tax refund (child credit) at the end of the year working a shit job. $1000 dollars a week for 2 people $500 per person at best) has no future. To each his own.
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    Inclined to agree with Nutmeg. Really 2 people can't make more than $52000 a year, maybe? A couple of morons most likely, but could be a b.s. story by the website to get news and bring in viewers and cash.
  5. i wonder if they rented the kid
  6. Lesbo works better. Girls can have sex longer.

    Also solo works because the viewers can interact and try to pick them up.

    It's ubiquitous.

    To repeat a couple of Trivial Pursuit (anti-Boomer Edition) questions:

    1. What percentage of females between the ages of 18 and 30 have done hard-core porn? (Answer must be within 10%)

    Answer: 95%

    2. What is the average payment to a girl for a double-penetration porn scene? (Answer must be within $50.)

    Answer: $350.
  7. should not porn be outsourced by now?