Can Ron Paul run as an independent?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Kin, May 1, 2008.

  1. He will win!

    Put him on the ballet and he will win a lot of states.
  2. All he will do is draw a few percent.

    He will be the new Ralph Nader
  3. maxpi


    I'll write him in if need be.. I don't like the black helicopter stuff but I wold love to see the constitution strictly interpreted. What is his take on drugs? If he is libertarian he would disband the stupid war on drugs and find an exit strategy for the war on poverty I would think.... this Obama/Hillary bullshit is chapping my hide. Do the talking head media cover people that aren't democrats at all??

    At least I got to see the rantin rev wright do his thing. I wondered what all these blacks in the usa had up their backside, now I know what liberation theology is.... it's all just more "Get Whitey's Money" afaik........
  4. I didn't know he was a ballet dancer?

    He wouldn't have a chance in hell in even a single state, even if he was on every ballot.
  5. PaulRon


    pick up his new book it's great... no. 1 on amazon
  6. promagma


    If he ran as an independent, he would probably booted out of his congressional committees. He is in as a Republican and it's a good ol' boys club. Then he wouldn't get to grill Ben Bernanke about monetary policy and fun stuff like that ...