can price be predicted precisely

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  1. if it does,there is no reason for the stock markets to exist

    becoz price can be computed by

    if it does not, then why it can not be predicted precisely

    i wanna know
  2. Can you predict what time you'll wake up next morning?
  3. I sure can predict I have to get up when my 2 year old erupts around 6 am!

    But robinxing; I'm surprised the stock markets has been alive and well for centuries without a reason to exist...
  4. of coz i know when i get up

    but if it is the same easy as getting up in the morning

    why somebody lose money
  5. Absolutely it can

    its just that sometimes you'll be wrong and even when you're right it won't stay there long.

    More seriously: read Mark Douglas's "The Disciplined Trader" and you will have a rich and useful answer to a pretty silly question.
  6. Ok roninxing, without the benefit of an alarm clock or other artificial means of waking you in the morning, tell me what time, to the exact second, you will wake up tomorrow morning.

    This is the definition of prediction that would be applicable to trading and this is one reason why predicting price is a coin toss when using random occurances as your guideline.
  7. It entirely depends on how many decimal points you want. Of course, that can't be too many, you should know. :D
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    You need a breakthrough to be clearly understood the concept of price prediction before entering to Wall Street. So far the price prediction used is to bet that price of a given security will go UP or will go DOWN, period. Other than that is completely nonsense that lead to many failures.
  9. Anyway look up HarryTrader on ET.
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    Without a reason to exist? Do you think it's here for shits and giggles?
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