Can Opponents "SEE" your stop.. emini NDx100

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    Lately when I place trades.. I have noticed a market moving -favorably in my direction BEFORE my stop is placed in the emini Nasdaq. After I place my stop, almost immediately, prices reverse to where I placed the stop. Sometimes they go further.. I feel justified! Other times, more often than not, prices reverse on me AGAIN, after I am out of position, continuing in the direction I was originally. When this happens several consecutive times I step aside.. often missing a BIG move.

    Can my opponents "SEE" my stop when trading Globex e minis.. or is this only my imagination?


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    My broker, Tradestation Securties says that the stop is left only with the broker.. is this realistic??

    Mh :confused:
  3. Are you thinking the whole market turns just to get to your stop?
  4. I thought that stops were held at the CME exchange on Globex? Are you sure that stops are held on the Brokers servers and not on the CME Globex?
  5. Can you see other people's stops?
  6. It's true. We all hold our breath and wait to see what you're going to do. Depending on our mood we then decide as a collective consciousness to either move with or against you.

    We're watching you now....
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    Dammit, you finally noticed. every trader is in collusion to make sure you get stopped out. Now that you noticed we will have to target someone else.
  8. Your stops are too close. You have to place stops outside of the noise levels in the contract you are trading.
  9. LOL spoken like a true noob

    Blaming others for their own mistakes
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    It feels like that sometimes. But as others have pointed out, if it's true, then the whole market has to alter course just to get little old you (no matter what size you're trading it's relatively small).

    You're experiencing a fairly commen phenomenon. A lot of traders start to think the market can see their orders and is out to get them. I'd liken it to they way thirsyy men in the desert commonly see a mirage. Others may see the mirage too, but it's an illusion based on your perspective.
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