Can of worms--whose posts are worth reading?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chinook, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I'm relatively new on this board. I like reading most of the posts--especially the ones from experienced traders with good wisdom. Some of the posts/replies actually makes no sense. I feel as if they are posted to confuse readers.

    I look forward to reading Ramoutar's posts. He's straight forward and I think he likes sharing his wisdom with us. Who are your favorite posters? Whose posts do you ignore?

  2. I would have to say my favorite poster is -EntropyTrader: a real insightful character, a Gentleman and a Scholar.

    No seriously, a lot of people seem to use virtual simulated environments like ET as a venue to play out their subconscious dramas. And it’s the anonymity that allows them to say things they never would say in person. Just take a peek at the following thread:
    Dangerous and sad situation!!
  3. Mvic


    market surfer
    Mr bling bling
    Don Bright
    to name but a very few in no particular order (out of the 17K+ on ET)

    as for my own posts, I wish they were good for at least entertainment value but I don't think that they even rise to that level :D

    Ignore Freedomphighter
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  4. m_c_a98


    mine are good :D

    However they are few and far between. I will be posting again in 4 months and 7 days.


    Re: Mvic and insightful posters...

    gottatrade = don't know this one
    market surfer = seems genuine
    Mr bling bling = don't know this one
    nitro = lives here, don't find his posts valuable. just annoying.
    fasterpussycat = annoying
    bobcathy1 = probably nice people, but wannabe traders.
    scientist = don't know this one
    inandlong = seems genuine
    Don Bright = snake oil
    Def = most valuable poster; MVP
    ramoutar = like him so far.
    waggie = don't know
    funky = don't know
    jmedved = How can people trade with this software??? jeez..
    whamo = don't know
    aphexcoil = wannabe something. he just wants to be loved
    sharp = don't know
    greentradertax = very valuable poster. king of taxes.
    dbphoenix = I hate every one of this guys/gals posts...

    Good luck to all.
  5. AAAintheBeltway

  6. inandlong -- he's a great guy hands down.
    many many others ...

    Some of the users on here are just a riot and incredibly funny.
  7. gazza1


    Seanotes journals are the best thing I've come across on this site. Unfortunately he doesn't post anymore.
  8. TGregg


    It's slightly more sinister than that. I encourage all posters to refrain from revealing personal info to the public. One user posted his phone number, and quickly removed it with a warning to others and a comment suggesting seriously disturbed callers. It's been a while, and I can neither recall the poster nor the thread.
  9. acrary is one guy I respect as a system developer...

    All the guys who are in ET are also guys I respect as a Brother Optionality follower...

    Optional is GOD...

    Don Bright who is supposedly GOD for Optional777 is beyond my imagination....

    In Don we trust

    Optional777 Bless
  10. Agreed.
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