Can non-resident come to USA to trade at prop firms?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ADX_trader, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. The other thread sparks my interest in this topic. I am a British citizen but want to learn more about trading at those prop firms in America. Is it possible for me to go there to trade one or two months without a VISA (or with a tourist visa). As far as I know, a British passport holder should be able to stay at US for 90 days without a tourist VISA. I have no intention to stay at the USA so I don't want to apply for a working visa.

    Thank for any comment.
  2. I would say the short answer to that question is a definitive NO!

    How are you going to get a prop. firm to hire you,

    1. You're only going to be there for 90 days
    2. More importantly.... you would be working illegally!

    Of course there is he complication here of whether or you are working for the prop. firm. I suppose if you were to have an offshore account with the firm or be part of an LLC and were trading out of the office while you were merely "visiting the United States.

    I suppose anything can be done you just have to find a willing party on the other end :D
  3. as long as you are not an employee, there is no problem at all.
  4. Oh I thought we've being living in a liberal world and that people were free to go where they want to :D

  5. newsflash harry: they are.
  6. If you're a member of an llc it doesn't matter. Your k-1 (partnership) income would be considered US-source, so the accouting for Inland Revenue might get a bit difficult.

    If you liked trading with whichever llc you joined, you could trade remotely from anywhere in the world.