Can NinjaTrader Do This?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by X-11, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. X-11


    Intial stop would be 2pts on ES.

    When price goes 2pts in your favor it moves stop to BE.

    When price moves to > 3pts the stop is trailed to +2.00

    When price moves to +3.75 stop is trailed to +3.00

    When price goes up to 4.50 stop is trailed to 4.00

    If price moves beyond 5pts stop is kept trailing at an offset of either .50 or .75

    Or would this have to be done mechanically?
  2. I think it can up to 4 of those conditions in it's AMT rules but the additional 2 or 3 will have to be programmed in with the custom builder.
  3. Aok


    No problem although on the last one you will have to pick a value.

    NT has webinars everyday. Some are 30 min, some are 1 hr. The one you'd want to see would be Advanced trade management 1 or 2.
  4. X-11


    Thanks for the answers guys, you have been really helpful.