Can NinjaTrader be trusted?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by snackly, Aug 30, 2008.

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    I ask this not to cast aspersions but it is the only of the 3 mid tier automated platforms that phones home to a licensing server. What is to stop them from phoning home the code to your winning strategies? Nothing in the user agreement addresses this.

    OpenQuant and RightEdge do not phone home, although neither user agreement addresses it either.

    Just wondering, again, in this business, you need to protect your IP. So anyone as paranoid or should I just go ahead and use it?
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    It's a big warning sign regarding this SW.
    Thank you for posting!
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    Snackly, you raise a valid point.

    I don't trade a system, but you made me think of something else.
    I thought Ninja phoned home only to log in with your license key etc. If the platform is routinely doing this, then all Ninja platforms could potentially go down together if there was a problem with the phoning, comunication network.

    I always thought Ninja itself couldn't "go down" outside of one's computer so to speak because it was just an order entry program on one's computer.

    I have it installed on two differen't machines for backup. Now you make me think that Ninja could be affected system wide...hmmm.

    Good catch.
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    Seriously...get over this one cares about your (not you necessarily) 'buy when 2 MAs cross over' strategies.

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    This is correct, NinjaTrader does a license check "one time" only on NinjaTrader start up.
  6. It's also a bit disturbing that NinjaTrader sends your IB account number and balance when you email to support via the help menu. This is just some of the data that's in the trace files for IB users. Don't think this was by design but just a consequence of that data being made available via the IB API.
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    It's actually a big issue because if you trade on behalf of clients, you have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their interests. It doesn't matter if you believe NT has nefarious reasons or not, you can be legally liable. It's a big minus for NT in my opinion.
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    NinjaTrader_Ray, can you comment on this? Sending balance to support staff at NT? That seems like a serious breach of privacy.
  9. I'd be interested in a comment as well. When I discovered this and brought it to the attention of the person assisting me it was essentially dismissed as a non issue.
  10. NO...THIS IS HUGE.
    NT must respond here...and quickly.
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