Can NeoTicker Do This?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by TickJob, May 16, 2007.

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    I attach the strategy file here.
  3. You can program NT via Delphi or Visual Basic so there's nothing you can't do in NT.
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    Where can I find many systems impletemented for NT?
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    Just found Ninja Trader, how does it compare to NeoTicker for implementing automatic trading on this system?
  7. AFAIK you need Ninja as a conduit to get the actual trade to your broker, with brackets and all. Not sure, but that's how I understand it.

  8. NT can do it all and then some. One of it's strengths is auto and almost-auto trading. I have several auto trade systems running on NT. Some very simple and some extremely complex depending on the instrument.

    There is a learning curve but it will be worth it.

    Metatrader is total jive by comparison.

    You won't find any canned trading programs like the 1000s of crappy ones available for free for MT. Reason?, NT is basically for a completely different audience. MetaT is mostly for small retail traders, people with $300 and a dream and the like. NT is geared towards institutions, hedge funds, money managers and serious retail traders. I put myself in the last catagory and there is no way I/we would post our systems ... ever. We sign Non Disclosure Agreements with those that handle our systems and accounts. Most (not all ... I might have missed a few) EAs are worthless, extremely curve fitted pieces of crap. Folks put them together, post them, answer questions concerning them, *post back tested results* and if a following does occur a web site is promptly built with the hopes of making money from the intrigued audience. See what I mean ... totally different clientele.

    Many different and respectable brokers and data feeds can be integated with Neo. You won't need some additional "front end" with NT as someone suggested ... if your broker is supported by NT then NT, along with the broker based integrated order server, *is* the front end. Some supported brokers are MB Trading, EFX, Open Out Cry, IB and many others ... check the site.

    There are a few highly skilled people who can built just about any trading system you can come up with. If you can artitulate it and commit it to paper it can be done. I've seen systems that trade every stock in the YM and ES simultaniously using dozens of customs parameters and filters. Truly amazing stuff. Converting an EA can be done. You can also built your own from scratch if you have coding experience but most don't have the time to F with it. Why take a week to figure out why your boolean doesn't work when you can deal with a professional who has thier own frame work already coded and perfected ... unless that's your thing. I could give you some recommendations on who to call if you're serious.

    Should any of the above put you off the idea of NT? Hell no ... it should inspire you if you're serious about making money in the market of your choice.

    Good luck and good trading.
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    Thanks bigmrfrank.

    Who do you recommend to code the system and what is the charge like?
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