Can Nasdaq hit 3500 in the Next 5 years?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 2manywhiners, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Can Nasdaq hit 3500 in the Next 5 years?

    I wouldn't think so either, until I looked at this chart. It's Yahoo!'s, but I may have slightly modified it. Check it out then re-evaluate your answer.

    Now ask yourself would it be completely out of the question to predict 6000 by 2015? Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
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    LOL... you are trying to fit your bias to the graph. I could as well draw a like from the peak down to the present and say we will be at zero in 10 years
  3. :D :D :D :D
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    2250 * (1.1^5) = 3623
  5. That is it! That is it exactly! I want the Nasdaq to hit 3500, so what I've decided to do is trick everyone with the most sophisticated trend line anyone has ever drawn. It appears to be straight, although it really isn't. What I've done is bend the line into at least a dozen different directions, to make it APPEAR as though it were following a trend for the last 20 years. Then I made another sophisticated trend line, one that APPEARS to be connected to the previous line, but actually isn't. See the second one spikes through the roof and off the map, but only if you wait four years before it hits 3500, and nine before it hits 6000.

    This sophisticated trend line has absolutely nothing to do with MS Paintbrush, so I advise that nobody should ever try to create their own phantom trend lines, because this one requires extremely complicated software to pull off. And even then, it was exposed.

    check out this graph below, it was altered with the same top secret, complex software. It has the boom and bust from 1999 - 2001 removed. Go ahead and whine, I already know, I altered technical data on a chart and I'm going straight to hell for it too. Serves me right, what an asshole I am. Jeez.

    Anyway, if you look at the removed data chart, you can see (but only if you open your eyes) that the Nasdaq has been recovering from that hickup for the past three and a half years. while it hasn't been on a major incline like the one from 1995 - 1999, it does look to POSSIBLY head in the same direction it was headed before. UP.
  6. Yes

    The Nasdaq WILL hit 6000 !

    EVENTUALLY because that's what markets do, they go up consistantly over time.

    By 2015 ?

    Can't tell you that much but it will hit 6000 :D
  7. I've gone and done it...

    Some one please stop me, I've altered even more of the chart in order to show recovery. Please, stop the madness!

    I wasn't trading in 1999. I wasn't trading in 2001. But I have been around for most of the recovery. It seems that 9 out of 10 traders/investors/market analysts that were around, got burned pretty badly. And most everyone who did get burned, didn't see it coming. How could they? Look at the chart and put your hand in front of the left side of the chart. Can you see it coming? No. (if you can, you're either an expert at recognizing bubbles, or you were someone who got burned. If it's the latter, please get help, you're psychologically unstable.)

    Now here's the thing, it seems like everyone (most everyone) acts like Mr. Scrooge everytime the market moves upward, they're so quick to say something like "yeah, but..." there it is. "yeah but, we've seen this before... I think the Nasdaq is going to peek and hit a new 10 year low..." Why? Because you got burned 4 or 5 years ago? So, what? Move on. I don't know why it is everyone is so negative, but I can tell you this...

    Negativity breeds Negativity. How can you find a positive if your mindset is so negative?

    Well, since you've (9 out of 10 of you anyway) been reluctant to engage this market, I've been very much enjoying the bull market of the past few years. (Sure its no '96 - '00, but its still been trending up) I just think too many people are too whiney. (hence my name) No, it's not 1999, but looking backward would you really want it to be? Or would you rather try to enjoy a steady journey up a long (hopefully) ladder. Prepare for disaster, but embrace the opportunities for success. If disaster strikes, stay away (or better yet, go short) just don't complain that there aren't any opportunities, because there are. All you have to do is find a positive attitude and look for the opportunities for success, they are right under your nose.
  8. being inexperienced is great advantage in bull markets because you have no fear and rarely overanalyze, plus inexperienced investors usually stick to the long side , thus they have better chance to make money.

    We have been brainwashed since the 2000 crash , brainwashed into believing this was going to be Japan all over again, this was going to be the 1930's. Whether you lost money or not in 2000 if you were around you can understand how easy it is to lose money. It's not easy to unlearn some of the things you learned back then and throw caution to the wind like a newbie. Also few of us have witnessed a big market bottom so in practical trading we often find ourself in unchartered territory .

    The natural reaction when missing out on major rallies is a bearish stance, you enter into denial you think there is something wrong with the market.
  9. Kicking,

    Thank you for your insight. I've seen how easily a newby could perform well, and with out paying homage to caution. Those traders have always been around though. When I was starting out, the only thing I ever heard in market news was "watch out, it's going down again" or "I think the naz could drop below 900 in under a week!" So I guess I was lucky enough to not have been burned, but I'm also lucky to have gotten in soon enough after the bubble burst, that I got a free lesson in extremely bearish market conditions. Others just starting out now should be very cautious, but not to the point it affects their ability to determine when to enter and exit trades. Trading psychology is very important, many people neglect to even take into consideration evaluating their trading psychology. If you're trading scared, fix it or you're going to regret it in a few years when the Nasdaq hits 3500 (hopefully) and you realize you missed the majority of it.

    Once again Kicking, thank you for your insight.