can money can be whatever i want it to be

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by maxwellreid, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Money for me is a marker. My family don't see it that way and will happily translate money into holidays etc. That's ok but it sometimes forces me to see my markers as something other than a marker. And this can result in hesitation. Most traders talk in terms of the support they get from their family, but maybe trading is really a solo occupation, broken only by other traders conversations
  2. what is prompting you to ask this question?

    Are you Broke-in debt-in pain-having problems pulling the trigger?
    I don't need to know the reason-you do though.

    Of course you can make money into anything you like -esp if it helps you trade.

    the reality is though -there is no free lunch- someone is paying

    a side note -years ago when i was in KC at a McDonalds there was a bronse statue of a boy sitting on a bank fishing and reading a book. I could see some writing on the book but couldn't read it until i got down on my knees and twisted myself around -only to read
    There is no free lunch

    I had a good laugh.:)