Can McCain save America ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Apr 15, 2008.

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    With the US and the rest of the world is reeling from the credit crunch John Mac is talking up tax cuts for the rich. Is he on the same planet as the rest of us or sadly slipping into his dotage ?
  2. i say this in all seriousness, john mccain is dumber than george w bush regarding the economy.

    he can't even answer simple questions regarding finance... he stumbles off onto naming his associates and entrusting them with these affairs if he is elected. i say.. whats the point in electing him then.. lets just elect a finance guy. maybe like someone that has been warning us of these calamities for 30 yrs... but hey.. im just a conspiracy kook, don't listen to me.
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    Any Keynesian will send us deeper into problems. Only hard money can save us now.
  4. He has said he would preserve the existing tax rates by making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

    The democrat tax plan, as always, is to raise them. The rationale varies, but the end result never does. You cannot trust much of what any pol says, but you can absolutely trust the dems when they say they want to raise your taxes.

    With the country facing a recession and severe financial crisis, which plan is more sensible? Raise taxes or keep them at current levels?
  5. Neither. Slash spending. We are getting closer to the abyss
  6. Yep its spending. We have no revenue problem. Had record revenues last year, and growing faster than GDP.

    Its spending, spending, spending.

    This is something the Dems will never understand. Unfortunately, Repubs don't get it either. What ever happened with Newt's contract with America, balanced budgets and all that? I loved republicans when they spoke that way. Now I don't like any of em.
  7. newt is and was a Judas goat... the only one that makes sense is Ron Paul.
  8. Ya know I stayed up all night watching CSPAN the first day and night that they took over the 1994 congress. It really appeared as though something really fundamental was changing.

    What a disappointment that turned out to be.

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    Seems like McCain heard your message. I saw him on CNBC this morning and his emphasis was on preserving Bush's tax cuts, adding more tax cuts, and drastic cuts in spending.

    He has always been against earmarks and says he will get rid of them. Actually, I don't think he has ever requested an earmark. This is more than just good policy - it is also good political strategy. He can hammer the Democrats on earmarks and the corruption that results from them, and the Democrats will have no defense, as they are the ones who are for earmarks and are consistantly caught up in earmark corruption. Obama will either have to agree with McCain and endure the wrath of the Democrat party, or try to stammer his way through defending them in every presidential debate.
  10. Not quite his same message when speaking to the trade unions in Pennsylvania though now is it?

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