Can Maria Bartiromo Screach any Louder?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 1flyfisher, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. My god is she painfull to have to listen to!
    My ears are bleeding from her last screaching cackle on the floor.

    She has reverted to being a high school rah rah cheerleader for the markets.

    Combine that with Cramers tantrum babbling and CNBC's overall direction to deliver financial news along the lines of a Jerry Springer Show.

    I long for the days of FNN.
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    Can we have an official Anti CNBC/Cramer thread so people can quit posting all these new threads bitching about them???
  3. Here it is....
  4. just21


    Why don't you try bloomberg tv?
  5. Stok


    Bloomberg is nice. Can't wait to see what Fox Biz will be all about......
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  7. Junior Park Rangers are entitled, it's in their manifest.
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    I hope it's nothing like their Saturday business shows. Bulls and Bears is worse than Mad Money.
  9. Predator EXCELLENT POST withn the cackling MAria head. That catches exactly what her financial journalism has become.
    She just tries to be way more animated than she needs to be.

    Maria is a Reason for women to be SEEN not heard! :eek:

    I do watch Bloomberg but I switch channels between the two.
  10. She's a real intellectual... overheard on squawk box screaming, "this market is retarded". Class act.
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