Can it be done?

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  1. Many have tried it before. Many have failed. Many continue to try. Many wish they could do it. Many have called it an "experiment" while trying it. Let's see where I fit in. Not an "experiment", but that's what can be "risked" right now!
  2. I am sure the first post is self explanatory as to the purpose of doing this. The journey started last Friday. I am planning to post P&L at the end of each week. May or may not trade tomorrow.

    Friday's P&L:
  3. Week one is over. Actually traded today as well. You have no idea what it feels like to trade an account this size! As I said, I will post P&L's on a weekly basis.
  4. Here's the results for Tuesday:
  5. Here's the results for Wednesday:
  6. Here's the results for Thursday:
  7. Somehow Tuesday's results did not come up. In case, here it is again:
  8. And here's the results for today! Back at it on Monday for the start of week two. Have a great weekend everyone!
  9. Tell us more about your strategy?

  10. looks good.

    dont stop !!!

    But you must leverage up.

    i want see next week every day at least 1k profit a day,
    and to finish the week, 2k on friday !!!

    you can do this, i know it.
    just grow urself out of that pennies profits.
    You are a trader and not working for walmart, so MAKE MORE MONEY !!!

    :D :D :D
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