Can IQFeed be used for trading???

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    Today after the FED announcement I was watching IQFeed and compared it to IB. At 2:23pm ES on IQFeed -1144 and on IB – 1138. There was a difference of about 2 or 3 points up to about 3pm and after that it was pretty much OK. It appears the IQFeed was about 30 – 60 seconds late compared to IB. I was considering switching to IQFeed but this leaves me puzzled. I just wonder if anyone is using IQFeed and what are their experiences.
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    After a FED meeting, most of the vendors have problems.
    Even IB's eCBOT feed was down :D :D
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    I'm also a IQFeed subscriber, and am frustrated at what happened today, although I can't blame IQ for taking me out of my trade much earlier than I should have...

    However, watching IQFeed trail IB TWS by a good 30-60 seconds like you say is unacceptable....and this happens EVERY time there is a major move underway (every Fed announcment).

    Is there ANY quote provider out there that performs better under these kinds of situations. How did eSignal do today when the Fed announcement was made?
  4. Realtick had the same 36 second lag after the announcement. I use IB as a backup, and other than their CBOT quotes disappearing they don't lag. Pisses you off, the one you pay for always lags and the free one works.
  5. Did anyone else notice if other symbols besides ES lagged? I thought I noticed the spx cash keeping up.

    But....yes and importantly this has been a problem of late during volume surges with qfeed/dtniq and is harder and harder to tolerate.

    They have not responded to my complaint email this afternoon.
  6. FYI - the problem with IQFeed for ES quotes was not specific to today's heavy volume, though it was most likely aggravated by it. Here is a post on the subject by IQFeed:

  7. The ES lags continue today. Phone support still claims to be all over it and installing new equipment....

    Day 2 of no trading- this is impossible.
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    The backup server may explain lag now, but this happens EVERY FOMC annoucement (well at least the last couple that I was watching).

    IQFeed seems to have a problem with high volume periods, backup server or no backup server.
  9. It seemed better the last couple of hours today but there were no volume surges to really give it a test.

    The latest from DTNIQ:

    "After switching our backend systems yesterday, we still saw delays in our CME feed today. After more research, we found that a circuit was misconfigured between the CME and DTN's primary data center (this didn't effect our backup facility) which caused more than 100% of the line between us to be filled. The configuration problem has been resolved, and we anticipate no delays going forward.

    I appologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate everyones patience as our network engineers worked to resolve the issue. Please be sure to contact customer support Friday if you notice any CME delays.

    FYI: The delays today were only seen on CME data. All other exchanges were unaffected.

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