Can IB TWS show local time ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by joesan, Mar 16, 2007.

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    Hey, I want to know if there is a way to let TWS show local time instead of server time ( to delete the time gap ), it will be more convenient . Thanks
  2. My TWS shows local time in the bottom right corner of the frame. As far a I can remember, it always has done so.
  3. The purpose of showing the server time is so that you can sync your PC clock with IB.
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    Hi, is there a way to synchronize the IB trading server time with the computer time automatically? Currently I only synchronize the computer time with the atomic time server time.

    My original question was meant to ask if there is a way to show my local ( time zone) time rather than the IB server time.
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    Mine also:cool: ;
    hour;minute,seconds.Thier charts do the same, top left location
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    Hi dcraig

    Is this because you are in the same time zone with the IB server £¿

  7. No I'm in Aus (East Coast ie GMT + 10, no DST). Also running on Linux. PC clock is synchronized every 30 min with a time server.
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    Then it must possible to set up the time zone in TWS. IB staffs, can you advise how to do it ? Thanks

  9. Java gets it's default timezone from the operating system. If it's set correctly in Windows, I would think that everything should just work.

    When an application connects via the API, it receives a message with the server's idea of the current time converted into the default timezone ie the timezone set in the operating system.

    If you have a version of Java older than 1.5.9 (I think), then the recent changes to US DST have not been incorporated - even if you have applied Microsoft's patches. Java gets DST information internally - not from the operating system.

    Go to for more details and the latest Java releases. If you don't want to update your Java installation, there is a tool available to patch older releases.
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    Thanks dcraig , but I am using tws 869.3 and java 1.5.10 in both my desktop and notebook. (attached snagfile )

    Strangely notebook TWS shows local time while the desktop shows IB server time. I do not know why but the TWS execution report adopt the same time format as the time appearing in the lower right corner of TWS. So it may be confusing if it is not local time.
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