Can IB stop stupid and useless features?

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  1. Can IB build a simple and reliable trading platform?

    I promise I will never call your Customer Service if your platform becomes a simple and reliable one.

    I don't need your fancy indicators, oscillators, trendlines, moving or stationary averages, your standard deviations, your alpha and beta, your ancient Egyptian goat bars or Japanese rice bars, your front brackets and back yard chicken cages, your stop-buy-then-trailing-reverse-automatic stop loss.......

    Just a simple and reliable platform where I can enter and exit.

    Is that too much to ask for?
  2. to stupid and useless developers yes it's too much to ask for
  3. I couldn't think of a more reliable platform than TWS & IB.
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    Assuming you are referring to this afternoon's outage per your identical post in "IB down" thread, how exactly is it IB's fault when a major Verizon node went down? Did you take the time to pingtrace IB? Packets were not getting past nodes well short of IB servers.

    How about acting the part and have a backup broker for that rare outage? IB has it's share of problems like most online brokers, but let's try and stay accurate with this particular incident.
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    Average real trader use only small portion of enormous amount of features in TWS. Most normal people never would know what is in this bloated program.

    Maybe the current outage is not related to the TWS buggy program. However, it is obvious that so much garbage built into a program do not make it reliable. Any new version has problems, but no benefits to real traders.

    People that like these stupid features are the IB programmers because it’s their job security. More garbage they create more they are paid. The second group is morons that want to be traders. They are searching for that holy grail in form of “sophisticated features” in the programs. These people never made a dime trading.

    I use TWS for many years and think IB is one of the best brokers. However, it is time to dump all the garbage and make it the most reliable trading platform as it should be.
  6. I am not referring to this particular incident, I am talking about IB out of a general assumption: Crooked brokers are guilty until proven otherwise.

    I traded with a broker which routed my orders to its own market makers and let them front-run me, just like NYSE which routes traders' orders to Goldman Sachs and let it front-run them (they come up with a fancy name: flash trading, I call it stealing).

    If you think I am alone in thinking so, please read their comments:
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    LOL. Here's hoping you will give up trading in favor of comedy writing.
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    100% right
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    Maybe TWS could be written in modules like Windows 7.. oh wait, it is...

    One choice we have is to disable everything we are not using.. which in my case would be the whole thing, I go to the API with third party software and try not to look at that garish TWS any more than possible....MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :( :mad:
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