Can IB auto-accept incoming connection?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Stok, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Instead of me having to click yes?
  2. Yes. You can automate the task by simulating login. I think some public tools exist to help here; I coded my own.
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    Ok, here is the problem:

    IB seems to lose data feed everyday about the same time...I am using IB data in Ensign, so when the data goes down, then comes back asks to "Accept the connection"(which is Ensign trying to reestablish)...problem is...I am usually not around during that time to click the button.

    Would one of the third party things take care of that?
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    IB frowns upon auto-login, but as said above, it can be done.
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    I use autohoykeys. Its a free, open-source scripting tool. Just create a script for your login and you can run it when needed.


    Greetings Stok,

    I thought that I was alone with this problem. Every time I have spoken to Ensign about the problem, they say that its due to the way IB parses out its feed.

    The Ensign Software then recognizes these lags as "no data feed". Then the software automatically goes into its "warning mode" to reconnect. In my Ensign it happens every morning around the open, and lasts generally for a couple of minutes.

    Thankfully, I rarely trade at the open, but it sure irks the hell out of me to constantly have to reconnect. IB and Ensign don't talk much. Just like the problem that happened today, when IB changed the ticker for the Russell 2000 E-Mini from RUT U0 to TF U0, I had no RUT U0 data for over an hour until I called Ensign. The Ensign techie had to take control of my computer to input the proper ticker symbol. It was not just a plug and play operation for my Ensign software.

    The problem is not universal because a trading buddy of mine who also uses Ensign had RUT U0 data feed all day. But the Ensign Techie told me that this will soon change for him as well. You are not alone!
  7. I do not use ensign but the concept is the same. I am sending orders via the TWS/API and auto-login so all my functionality is in a single app.
  8. Are you referring to the popup that TWS displays or something Ensign is doing? TWS will prompt you if you want to accept a connection from an external API source unless you configure it otherwise. Basically, you just go to the API menu item and add the IP address to your secure IP list.

    I'm also assuming you are starting up TWS fresh every day and doing the hand login once, because unless you've had TWS disable the key-card security thing, you'll still need to do that when you first connect to your account (as far as I know).
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    Isn't it
  10. Yes. as defined in your hosts file located in: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
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