Can I win this lawsuit?

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    Hello fine folks of ET.

    My wife of 35 years of age just got back from the dentist and was told she needs braces since her teeth are now starting to move crooked. Called my insurance and they said they only cover braces for people age 19 and under. Called back my dentist and the lady told me she never seen a employer paid insurance company cover braces for a adult.

    So my suit will basically say I am being discriminated against for age. If she was 19 she would be covered but for no other reason other than her age she would be denied that claim.

    So I am thinking about taking it to small claims since insurance usually covers 50% of braces so it would be for 2000.

    What do you guys and gals think? How would I lose the case?

    Thanks to everyone that answers
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    How come I have a hole in my ass the size of a softball and I'm not thinking of sueing anyone, even though I easily could, and your not getting your fucking braces taken care of and your first response is to waste the courts time with a cosmetic issue?

    Brandon ass really hurts too!
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    its not a cosmetic issue. my wifes teeth aren't just a little crooked and just trying to make herself look good. the dentist told her that they are required to prevent her teeth from falling out. the dentist also told me he would testitfy that they are required and not being used for cosmetic purposes
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    that is one nasty picture brandon. i hope you can get better
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    Ok, you should have added that part to the original post :)

    I just get frustrated sometimes with people, but if her situation is as you describe then it should probably be covered.
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    no problem brandon... nothing like getting ripped by the great one himself :)

    The thing is i know it "should" be covered by they deny it because of her age. The whole case is a matter of principle for me and I truly believe that insurance companys go to far to rip off the people they cover.

    So anyone else have any input?
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    They definatly suck, no question about that at all.
  8. Imo, eventually you or someone else will probably win and braces will be covered for any age. This is an example of how health care costs continue to rise by adding service that were previously not available.

    Chiropractors were never covered, Dr's and patients pushed for it and now is routinely covered.

    Helicopter medi vacs and braces for everyone, defibrillators at every work place, school nurses that can't administor aspirin, red cross life saving courses that teach nothing for fear of liability exposure.

    Md's with wallet breaking student loans and mal practice premiums that discourage medicine.
  9. I wouldn't go to small claims court under any circumstances in North Carolina.

    Here is how it works here. You go before a magistrate and he/she is not a judge.

    The definition of a magistrate is a good ole boy/girl, appointed by another piece of shit in the county government. He/she must be a long time resident of the area and sounds like he/she never finished the forth grade. He/she is the decider. If you don't sound like the magistrate, you are up sh--- creek.

    On the other hand if you don't like the decision you can then take it to circuit court.
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    just bumping it up to see if i can get a few more replies
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