Can I use a TV screen instead of multi monitors ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jeffrey3, Nov 12, 2010.

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    I am thinking of using a 42 inch LCD TV instead of multi monitors.

    I need 3 charts at a time.

    (1) What should I be looking for in a TV that will support this setup ?

    (2) What are the pros & cons of doing this ?

    Here is the configuration in case you have more suggestions.

    Intel® Core™ i7-870 processor (2.93GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 8MB Cache)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate 64bit (English)
    8GB (4X2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz Memory
    500GB SATA RAID 1 (Data Mirroring)
    Dual Drives: 16x DVD+/-RW + BD and DVD/CD-RW Combo (BD reader and DVD/CD burner)
    1024MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT220
    Integrated high definition 7.1 channel audio
    Hauppauge(R) WinTV-HVR-1200 Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Tuner

  2. Not really a good idea.

    1. You'll need to have the TV screen a "normal TV viewing distance away".

    2. The resolution of even an HDTV is going to be 1920x1080... same as as many monitors.

    3. You won't be able to display "more things" on it, they will just be bigger and grainy-er.
  3. My limited experience suggests no.. I run my laptop thru a docking station ---> hdmi cable to a 32" samsung lcd. The text is choppy. The setup is only good for watching movies.

    If you find a viable solution, please post.
  4. jeffrey3


    Right now I am using a 22 inch CRT monitor & very low resolution of 1024X768.

    I like to sit 3 to 4 feet away from the monitor.

    It would even be better if I can sit back 10 t0 15 feet from monitor.

    Somehow I feel more comfortable that way. But that is me.

    So a TV with 1920 X 1080 Resolution would give more data on screen that way and I can sit back too.

    So, would this work ?

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  6. Might want to pm chaos.

    Vizio's were on sale dirt cheap at Sam's club last week for a few days.
    The sale is off now but I am sure it will pop back up around the holidays.

    42 was $488
    32 was $288

  7. Yes, 1920x1080 will display more than 1024x768. And if you view it from a proper distance away it could be OK.

    However, not all computer video cards will drive a TV properly. It's either trial and error or have someone chime in with which video card and TV they are using that displays properly.
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    Thank you for that link.

    He seems to know what he is doing.

    Now if I can find the Samsung TV with what is required, I am set.

    I thought I was the only one who liked to sit back & put my feet up & trade.

    I am also able to think clear when I am away from the monitor.

    If anyone else shares my views or has experience, please post them.

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    I have a 52" Sony Bravia and a 42" Sony Bravia that I use as my monitors and they work extremely well (eg: perfect ! ).

    I only sit about 2 ft away currently (in the picture below at my old place, I sat about 3-4ft away), and am able watch HD videos on or youtube or and it looks better than DVDs.

    All my charts and everything else looks amazing on both. The newest Bravia is my fav though. The NX800 that is. I use a DVI to HDMI cable for both with no problems. I run both at 1920x1080 by the way and there is zero graininess with either tv.

    I have a 60" Panasonic plasma that I tried to use as a monitor, but that was grainy. Now I only use Sony Bravias since the picture looks extremely good. I'm actually thinking of getting another 60" Sony Bravia

    I have almost 100 inches of screen space ! Feels like I'm living in the internets

    <img src='' >
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