Can I trade off a Mac?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DollarCents, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Would Hammer and AT be compatible with a Mac running OSX? I'm trying to trade from home but if the software is incompatible with Apple, then I'll end up using the PC in the office. Thanks
  2. no
  3. Yes.
    Go to
    They make software for both platforms.
    I use their product, InvestorRT on my
    G4 and it's great. Further, my broker is
    IB and I use their TWS which is JAVA on
    my Mac, and that product talks to
    AutoTrader with is also JAVA.
    I run two, 20 inch monitors for InvestorRT.

    You don't have nearly as many choices
    on the Mac side for trading software,
    but the ones that you do have do the
    job just fine. For me it's been great
    being about to stick with my choice of OS, OSX Panther btw.

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    Yes you can trade off a Mac. OSX 10 operating system is what you need Java to support any type of qoute, order entry programs. Currently I have IB stand alone on my MAC, and Redi and IB on my desktop. Redi (slk) platform can be used on MAC...however its difficult to download and to have it work properly. you will need Tech help from Redi plus

    Thomson Financail has a stand alone version that I use on my ibook, its like having a bloomberg terminal that is portable.

    So, my Mac runs IB and Thomson......however.......i don not trade from the laptop. It is used for quotes if im away and for is a back up just in case i have to unwind postions if im not at my trading has not come to that and i do not recomend active trading........even swing trading from a laptop which is wireless. Just IMHO....of course i know some of the morons on this site will tell you they are trading from their phone, laptop, and or glass eyewear with built in screen.....its all BULLSHIT.

  5. DollarCents,

    I misread your post I'm afraid. I thought I read, can I trade with a Mac? But it looks like you were asking if specific software, Hammer and AT (whatever those are) runs on a Mac. Probably not. I'm pretty familiar with all the options for Mac trading and I don't know those programs.

    The one thing you might consider though is Virtual PC which runs MS software in a window on a Mac. It works pretty good but the current version is slow. MS, which bought Virtual PC last year is coming out with a new version in a few months which should be considerably faster. Anyway, I'm just mentioning it FYI. I plan on trying out the new version with eSignal or some other good PC trading software just to see how it does. I'm pretty happy with InvestorRT on OSX for now.