Can I sue Open e cry?

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  1. i've been video taping the trading day for the last 4 days using fraps.

    1 min data chart is fine, but tick data is missing about 2 hours out of the day randomly, upon refresh and restart it still doesn't come back.

    Also random ticks/time/min would disappear and the full chart comes back after the close (they say thats when they reload tic data)

    So because of missing data i made trades i normally would not have made and won some lost some, but mostly lost. Can I sue them to get that money back? breach of service?

    any recommendations?

    I lost $600, yeah that's nothing out of 50k but a penny saved is a penny earned.


    as i said i have it all on video.
  2. i'm guessing only a class action suit works in this case.

    get a blog going and ask for other clients to come forward.

    if not, they can blame your computer, internet connection, location, weather, you name it...
  3. I doubt it. Look at the agreement you signed.
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    I wish you luck!
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    Each time you download the OEC platform you sign-up to their terms of usage/license.

    You should read this in detail (if you hav'nt already).

    I'm pretty sure you will find it is your responsibility to ensure that your data is correct (not their wording but the same meaning) and you can't hold them responsible if it's not.
  6. Maybe instead of blaming Open Ecry for your shitty trades, you should take responsibility for your actions.

    Focus your energy on something productive rather than being a retard assclown??...
  7. Yes! You have a right to profitable trading regardless of broker or exchange data feed and execution issues. Do not forgort to tack on damages for your own, and any loved one's pain and suffering this event has caused.
  8. If you did, the only person that would profit is yours/their attorneys.. Don't waste your money/time, pick a place to trade, open up a small backup account at another done deal.
  9. LOL

    yea, u are like that stupid bitch that sued her college because she is a retard.

    i'm suing you for making me read this.

    then sue ET

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  10. You could try to get a refund for the monthly data/charting fees.........oh wait there are none.

    Stop blaming others for your mistakes.
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