Can I start this on my live account.

Discussion in 'Forex' started by rubs, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. rubs



    I have made a scalping strategy that works 100%.
    It is a low pip but high risk strategy-Worked for an year.

    Key points

    1. I trade only Eur Usd
    2. Time- 1HR
    3. Pips win-3-5
    4. SL-10 pips.
    5. 1 trade daily
    6.It took my account from 10,000 $ to 40,00,000 $ in a year.

    Eg- I have an 10,000 $ account and I trade it in lot size of 10 (1 pip is 100 $). I make an average of 66-100 % in a month.
    I make an average of 300-500 $ a day. IT IS A VERY HIGH RISK STRATEGY BUT IT WORKS FOR ME DAILY.

    I need a good broker that wont hunt my stop loss or trade against me live trading as this is very high risk strategy.

    All suggestions,comments,criticism- Welcome.
  2. So is this a live account?? And you say you went from 10k to , is it 40k ? looks like you have one to many zero's in there.

    EDIT: i see you mentioned this was a live account in the title
  3. rubs


    no this was on demo.

    i asked can i start using the following strategy on my live acc
  4. NoBias


    Title is in question form, "Can I start..." Appears Sim

    Also has "two" to many zeros [$10K eurusd = $1/pip -- not $100]

    I doubt anyone has a 100% system

    Murphys law: What can go wrong will go wrong, i.e. High risk strategy....

    Sim seldom address's slippage [assuming the sim program accounted for spread/commission]

    Suggest forward testing in Cash using anticipated brokers platform with minimum possible acct size

    I believe in IB it is $20K minimum position size, so an appropriate amount to allow for draw down

    $10K account sounds like FXCM or Oanda, in which case spreads should eat up any profits on a 3 pip scalping system with a 10 pip stop...

    Edit: Just noticed -- 6. It took my account from 10,000 $ to 40,00,000 $ in a year.

    Either too many zero's or a troll thread - Dang it