Can I shadow you?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by papergain09, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hello -

    I am based out of Chicago and was wondering if I could shadow/learn/be mentored from someone in the area?

    My background is real estate development and equity analysis.

    I dabbled in S&P Eminis and like 99% of traders, blew my wad and am not willing to reload until I can sit next to someone who knows what they are doing.

    Now, I know that trading styles differ, and I do not want to mimic your trades, I just want to know the thought process, etc.

    If you are in Chicago and want to "give back" I would love to meet with you. Lunch would be on me.
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    Wow, free lunch for mentoring, can't beat that.
  3. I'm just eager to learn. I can compensate if required.
  4. i will hand you this - your in chi town so there are guys there who actually make a living trading and some make big money. so your in the right location, also you know you need someone who is successful. another plus on your side - do not waste your time with anyone who is not a professional trader.

    if i were you i would as ask a reputable broker in the business like john lothian at price group in the cbot building tell him mb said for you to contact him about what your trying to accomplish and if there is someone willing to help you john would know who that would be. if he doesn't he will tell you he doesn't but might be able to send you the right direction. it takes contacts in this business to get with the right person get started.
  5. Well, I can tell you that I have been doing this for almost a year. not for a living. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.
  6. Thank you everyone for your Pm's and replies.

    I would eventually like to trade along side someone who is confident, as I believe a competent environment can breed some success and eventually take that and trade for myself.

    Thanks again
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    avoid the guy just above your last post. He PMs everyone, trying to spam his chat room.
  8. I hope you aren't referring to me.... this is kind of awkward...