can i retire in 5 years starting with 5,000$ ?

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  1. that's what i found while browsing in web:

    Turn $5,000 into $1.5 Million
    If you started out with just $5,000 and managed to make only 10% each month investing , you could end up with $1.5 Million in just 5 years

    i have only 600$
    so, i deposited them in my account at FXCM
    my plan to turn them into 1000 by the end of this month
    this is minimum to participate in a contest held each month
    to win and get prize money( 2,500$), i need to make about 500-1000%(just checked last and current month winners)

    hopefully in july with now 10,000$ i move to the stage 2 targeting
    10% eacn month(that should be easy)

    P.s which trade do you think should i enter,to get quick $
  2. buy the mexican peso

  3. they don't have it
  4. what currencies do you have.
  5. majors and their crosses
  6. I dont' think you will have %1.5 million in 5 years if you start with 5,000. and earn 10% a month. 10% of 5,000 is only 500.00 a month. Do you mean 10% a day? Trying to make 10% return daily on a 5,000. investment is not possible. You can't win every single day.
  7. Sure it's possible, but could it happen? I dout it...

    There is one thing that might stop you...VARIABLES!


  8. here's basic math for you
    5,000 +10%=5500
    ... after one year $15,692.14
    ...........two $49,248.66
    ...........3 $154,563.40
    ...........4 $485,086.17
    ...........5 $1,522,408.20:p

  9. who?
  10. Who? The person who attempts this based on a math equation.

    Funny enough, the master of variables (Math) is so prone to inaccuracy, it creates a false sense of hope.

    Give it a try, let me know if it works out for you.
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