Can I pretend I'm a great trader for the rest of the day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tango29, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. LOL...took a 926.5 sell at 2:39 central and it just poured down for the next 1 1/2 minutes. Took one for 20 pts another at 30 and am holding a last one to see what happens. Holy crap luck is great!I will take credit for getting in and managing to hold for great partials, but o man been a long time since I hit a great puring move like that.

  2. By posting it and being 'emotional' you just jinxed yourself for the rest of the year and next!
  3. LOL, I'm not a big believer in jinxes, and luck even though I throw the words out there. You never know though, I better go to the Church of Trading and offer a young virgin as a sacrifice.
    Took 906.5 on the last and am done for the day, and week. This is how every week should end. :D
  4. Lucrum


    "Can I pretend I'm a great trader for the rest of the day?"

    I don't know why not.

    This web site is over flowing with members pretending to be great traders all day every day.
  5. You said it! I always wonder if I shouldn't be more tolerant of myself and walk around blowing my horn, open my own signal site, etc, but I know the reality, and even posted here as I blew up getting to cocky.
    I also see I missed 30 or even 40 pts on my last contract instead of 20, if I hadn't left before the close. Oh well, no big screen tv for me. But I may add another 22" monitor when the wifes not looking. :D
  6. but it won't